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arts & heritage consultancy

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Clare Williams’ empowering training session for our core staff team reminded us that we have to model what we preach, and really helped us to find our own authentic voice and power.  Her style is warm and empathetic with the right amount of challenge, energy and pace.  Clare offers expert, skilled and engaging training and I would wholeheartedly recommend her.  

Justine Wheatley

Chief Executive, Peak

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Clare Williams presented at our January 2020 Congress in New York.  The 500 delegates were beyond engaged in the conversation and the importance of inclusion of divergent artists.  Enlightening would be my description of Clare’s work. 

David Baile

CEO, International Society of Performing Arts

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Clare knows how to challenge without being challenging, and her knowledge and experience shine through. She is genuinely passionate about the performing arts and always clear-sighted about how to make the most of opportunities, whilst acknowledging the realities we all face.

Rachel Dominy

CEO, Aloud Charity

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Your lecture and uncountable interviews have given us huge inspiration.  We have wonderful feedback.  Our staff keep telling me about your unwearying positive attitude and truthfulness.  It looks like that we have opened an unknown wonderful world to the people. 

Oh Sehyung

Director of i-eum, Seoul Korea

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We worked with Clare to help sharpen the way we describe our vision and mission, and on developing our key policies. She gave us a new perspective on what we do and why it matters, and she challenged us to go further in our ambition when it came to setting targets. Because of her deep understanding of the policy context, Clare helped us see how we could talk in new ways about how our work aligned with others' priorities.  Most of all, she made it enjoyable and motivating, which can't always be said when developing policies!  

Paul Kaynes

CEO, National Dance Company of Wales

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Working with Clare as a consultant was brilliant for our organisation. Clare used her expertise to provide us with many helpful resources but also to understand the direction we needed to take.  Her ability to really support us in focusing our business plan and listening to our vision was unparalleled.  All of this along with her boundless energy, enthusiasm and flexibility would have us choose her to work with again and recommend to any other individual or organisation. 

Jukebox Collective

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I have worked with many consultants over the years but you have totally blown them all out of the water!!   I have learnt SO MUCH! and you have left us feeling confident and motivated.  You have been so incredibly intuitive about EGO and I’ve never known an ‘outsider’ show such genuine care…which you did, by the way, in abundance.

Georgina Egan

Artistic Director, EGO

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